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Brand Identification
March 1 , 2017 | Blog

Shopping in a store saying to youself “I don’t remember the product’s name, but you remember the label, or a unique identification” In a customer’s eyes, your product labels are just as important as your name.
Branding is one of the first marketing steps any company undertake when putting their products on the shelf. Too many businesses miss the importance and opportunity of using their Branding power
At Point of purchase.
In fact, your product’s packaging is among the most important places to display your brand. 68% of consumers will buy products based on the packaging alone?

What to Consider with Branded Product Labels

Your labels need to be consistent with your brand allowing consumers to understand your story.


Labels need to capture attention and inform the consumer. Shoppers will see a slew of similar products, so your label needs to stand out.


Branded labels go beyond the artwork. Properly using the correct material conveys Upscale,Environmentally friendly product to the consumer. There are so many choices.
Metallic labels,Squeezable Polypropolyne labels. Clear Polyethelene.
Choosing your artwork and your materials to complement each other. This will convey
The importance of your Brand image to the consumer at Point of Purchase.


The colors in your packaging will increase Brand Recognition as much as 85%. Nike Swoop
Everyone knows the Logo. Or Amazon Colors. Apple Brand recognition.
You should define your company’s colors before or while you’re designing your logo. And these colors should be used in every piece of branding and labeling you release especially product labels.