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The Principles of Packaging
December 1 , 2017 | Blog

Packaging. The word alone can be frightening. What separates your product you’re your competitors. Packaging is both a visual and physical representation of your brand. A brand you created, products you have put your blood sweat and tears into developing. It’s time to make sure your customers like the box or the label as much as they like what’s inside it.

For over 30 years, Netpack Inc has produced a wide range of packaging,labels and displays, designed across a large and diverse spectrum of industries. Despite the difference in brands, the end result remains the same. Develop packaging and or labels that are both visually enticing and synonymous with the brand.

Age old questions. Who are you? What are you selling? What is your product about? Your packaging needs to communicate all these answers, and it needs to communicate them simultaneously across a diverse group of customers quickly. Therefore, your brand, your story needs to be told through your packaging, making sure it reflects the character of your brand. This will ultimately help existing customers & potential new customers to easily identify with you.

Product recognition is a key element when designing your packaging. The easier your customer can recognize what it is they’re looking at, the faster your product will wind up in their hands and out the door. Get to the point, and make it attractive.
Packaging is a chance for customers to get to know who your company is.. This can be said in the colors, substrates,coatings Typesetting Fonts and images. Let your packaging speak for your brand’s character, because at the end of the day, your packaging is your greatest advertising tool.

Packaging is an important player in your product and your brand’s success. It acts as a salesperson, which is why it is necessary that it is communicating everything you need it to properly. Strong packaging leads to strong results and a stronger brand base The details are important and ultimately will lead to your brands success at Point Of Purchase.