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Promotional Labels
July 1 , 2018 | Blog

Another trend within food and beverage is the increased use of promotional labels. These labels tend to raise consumer engagement by adding content, typically recipes, games, or vouchers. To achieve such dual web labels, we offer the advanced a unit, which is the perfect vehicle for producing multi-layer labels. It enables production of intricate coupons in a number of ways with different features and embellishments.?

Short and Long Runs

Our platform-based design is open-structured. This provides ample possibilities for innovative designs with the current trend of increasingly short product lifecycles – to a large extent driven by the electronic media. Our Presses are designed for short runs, and they are therefore perfectly suited for both short and long runs. The long run presses are equipped with non-stop production equipment, such as butt-splicers, turret rewind units, non-stop waste compression systems, and non-stop inline foiling and laminating systems.

Inline Solutions

To assist the health & beauty market, inclined to print on constantly renewed types of plastic laminate, we focus on inline solutions to give the individual brand owner and Customer the freedom of design and independence to develop their own laminate construction.

A label feature often selected is high-built varnish. Our presses is outstanding in its flexibility in connection with the various screen material types and structures.

To accommodate the demand for high-quality embellishments, we provide various types of hot foiling, both rotary and flatbed foiling, which also enables sculptured hot foiling. Furthermore, combination or stand-alone flatbed-heated embossing for deep, precisely sculptured embossing is also an option. Or you may choose gravure for special solutions with full-bodied metallic colours. The label designers get absolute freedom to make extremely complex and outstanding designs for uniquely intense and fresh labels.