Promotional Labels
July 1, 2018 | BLog
Another trend within food and beverage is the increased use of promotional labels. These labels tend to raise consumer engagement by adding content, typically recipes, games, or vouchers. To achieve such dual web labels, we offer the advanced a unit, which is the perfect v

Health Beauty
June 1, 2018 | BLog
Health & Beauty. Personal Care There is no greater industry that uses color,graphics & paper Than the Health & Beauty Industry. From special Substrates To Multi color graphics,Labels are colorful and stand out on the shelf. Our New Nilpeter Flexographic presses

How to design product packaging that sells in 5 easy steps
April 1, 2018 | BLog
How to design product packaging that sells in 5 easy steps: The most important consideration in product design is your customer. You must understand the customer’s needs and wants. One of the best ways to get inside your customer’s mind is to draw an empa

Holiday Sales
January 1, 2018 | BLog
Label designs keep customers interested after the holidays or big sales. With some creativity and thoughtful strategy, you can maintain interest in your products throughout the New Year using promotional labels. There is always a transitional period after the holidays. It

The Principles of Packaging
December 1, 2017 | BLog
Packaging. The word alone can be frightening. What separates your product you’re your competitors. Packaging is both a visual and physical representation of your brand. A brand you created, products you have put your blood sweat and tears into developing. It’s time

Cold Drinks
September 1, 2017 | BLog
Beer, Wine & Spirits Have you picked up a new wine because you liked the label? Tried a new kind of Vodka because of how the bottle looked? Commented on the great graphics on a beer bottle at a restaurant – then bought that brand to drink at home? Great packaging A

Brand Identification
March 1, 2017 | BLog
Shopping in a store saying to youself "I don't remember the product's name, but you remember the label, or a unique identification" In a customer's eyes, your product labels are just as important as your name. Branding is one of the first marketing steps any company under