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Cold Drinks
September 1 , 2017 | Blog

Beer, Wine & Spirits

Have you picked up a new wine because you liked the label? Tried a new kind of Vodka because of how the bottle looked? Commented on the great graphics on a beer bottle at a restaurant – then bought that brand to drink at home?
Great packaging Always sells product.
We offer many different ideas to change & augment your on shelf packaging

    • Premium wine label papers and finishes.
    • Enhancements like raised textures, glitter and matte/glossy varnishes.
    • Clear films for the no-label look.
    • Materials that can stand up to moisture and condensation (e.g. wine labels for bottles that are put on ice.

Cold Drinks

Whether your product comes in a can or a bottle, the things you can do with the label are virtually unlimited. Create a no-label look on your glass container to covey purity and clarity. Use personalization to create different bottle labels in the same run. Add metallic inks and textures to add interest. You can add Embossing or Use Holographic papers.